Is there adhesive in RBT vaporizers?

Yes, Loctite® M-121HP™ Hysol® Medical Device Epoxy Adhesive is used to attach the rim of the heater glass to the wood. This is the coolest part of the heater glass and rarely does it reach over 150 degrees F which is well below the 300 F temperature limit of the this epoxy . Not only is the adhesive biologically tested to ISO 10993, a burn-off cycle is conducted at nearly 1.5 times the operating voltage to ensure any contaminants are removed from the entire heater assembly. Issues with adhesives and plastics are usually encountered when they are used outside of there temperature range. The adhesive is not part of the primary flow path and the inlet air cools the epoxy joint. All things considered, it is much safer than a power source of butane or charcoal which are known carcinogens.